Act for the heritage

Act for the heritage

Protection and development in Provence and in the Mediterranean Basin.

Act For the heritage

The association Opus (ex Union APARE-CME) has organized for more than forty years actions of protection and development of the built and natural heritage in Provence and in the Mediterranean Basin.

Our objectives

The association has for double objective to contribute to the valuation of territories and to favor the participation of citizen, on a local and international scale by applying the principles of popular education during all its actions.

Over time and thanks to acquired skills the association has become professionalized, and has a wide panel of interventions in favor of the heritage.

  • Volunteers' international construction sites
  • Professional construction sites of the heritage
  • Formation and initiation into traditional know-how

Our actions

All the undertaken works are supervised and followed by a team of professionals, lover of the heritage and form to the traditional techniques of the old built.

Since 1979 Opus (ex Union APARE-CME) realized more than 400 interventions in Provence and abroad in the service of development and valuation of territories.

The Restoration of mills, chapels, wash houses, walls, cobblestones, ancient country-houses; arrangements of paths-ways, streets, terraces of culture; creation of paths of interpretation, studies techniques, inventories, exhibitions, works, are many of the realizations we take pleasure to implement and which contribute just as much to the personal fulfillment of our participants than to the attractiveness of our territories.