The label CPIE

The label CPIE

The label CPIE

The poles " Environment / Sustainable development "and" major natural Risks " of the association carry the label " Permanent Center of Initiatives for the Environment ( CPIE) country of Vaucluse " since 1989. This label is spread to all the association since the merger of the APARE and the CME in 2013.

The label CPIE brings to the certified associations an institutional and associative recognition, the dynamics of a strong network : the National Union of the CPIE.

Opus (ex Union APARE-CME) is a part of the Regional Union of the CPIE of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, territorial declension of the national network which includes seven labeled associations across the region.

The objectives

The latter involves a detailed approach and guarantees the coherence of the actions of the association according to three modes of intervention :

  1. Searching, by offering services of advice and expertise, by experimenting new practices,
  2. Developping, by acting concretely with our partners to enhance the resources of our territory,
  3. Passing on knowledge, in an approach at the same time scientific, sensitive and cultural, adapted to every public.

Networks of the CPIE

Associations certified and organized in a network, the CPIE acts so that environmental issues are taken into account in the decisions, the projects and the behavior of organizations and people (communities, associations, companies, individuals).

Every CPIE acts on a coherent territory of intervention, the environmental, socioeconomic and cultural stakes in which it knows. It cooperates with all the actors, public or private, concerned by the environment and the sustainable development.