Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need experience to work on a construction site?

No particular experience is required to work on a site. The technical coordinator is there to teach you the necessary skills and to pass on his know-how.

Do I need to speak French to join a workcamp?

Speaking French is not essential. It is certainly preferable to have some knowledge of French to facilitate communication with non-English speaking volunteers. But the most important condition is the motivation to come and share this experience.
It is up to you to decide whether knowledge of the language of Molière is essential.

Do I need to be in excellent physical condition to work on a work camp?

Given the nature of the work, you need to be in good health to take part in a workcamp, but girls or boys, young or old, there is something for everyone. Any particular difficulties are indicated in our brochure (work on scaffolding, good physical condition required, rudimentary accommodation...)

Is it possible to register as a group on a workcamp?

No. We do not register large groups that have already been formed. Registrations are made on an individual basis because the "spirit of the workcamp" is to bring together individuals from different cultures and backgrounds around the same project. However, if you wish to share the experience with one or two friends or acquaintances, there is no problem in getting together on the same workcamp, within the limits of the places available of course!

Can we register as a couple on our workcamps?

Yes, of course, we regularly receive couples on our sites. Please contact us to find out the accommodation conditions for the workcamps you have chosen.

Is there an age limit to join our camps?

For a teenager workcamp you must be 16 or 17 years old during the workcamp period.

For an adult workcamp, you must be 18 years old on the day the workcamp starts. Apart from that, there is no upper age limit. The majority of our participants are young people (18-25 years old), most of them students, but our workcamps are open to all heritage lovers, students of course, but also employees, the unemployed or retired people (these last three categories represent 20 to 30% of our participants, depending on the year and the workcamp).

Is it possible to sign up for an adult workcamp when you are not quite 18 years old?

No, at Opus you can't. In France, the conditions for an adult workcamp (over 18 years old on the day the workcamp starts) and those for a teenage workcamp (16-17 years old on teenage workcamps) are very different in terms of the responsibility of our leaders and the association. Our teenage workcamps are approved by Jeunesse et Sports and we respect the regulations on this subject.

Can I sign up for a teenage work camp if I've just turned 18?

No, and for the same reasons: in France, the conditions of reception on a work camp for adults (over 18 years old on the day of the start of the work camp) and those for a teenage work camp (16-17 years old on teenage work camps) are very different in terms of the responsibility of our leaders and of the association. Our teenage workcamps are approved by Jeunesse et Sports and we respect the regulations on this subject.

What does the registration fee include?

Opus will pay for your accommodation, food, leisure activities organised as part of the workcamp as well as the travel costs inherent in these activities (minibus) provided to the leaders. Opus does not pay for the return transport to the workcamp as well as your personal purchases (gourmet purchases, souvenirs...) as well as personal health expenses (visits to the doctor in the event of illness, purchase of medication at the pharmacy...) which are not covered by the civil liability insurance taken out by Opus (see "What is covered by the civil liability insurance of Opus?)

Do I need to provide pocket money?

You should bring some pocket money for small personal purchases and health expenses (visits to the doctor in case of illness, purchases of medication at the pharmacy, etc.) which are not covered by the civil liability insurance taken out by Opus (see: What does the civil liability insurance of Opus include?). Opus takes care of your accommodation, food, certain leisure activities organised during the work camp as well as travel inherent to these activities.

Where do we stay?

Accommodation is provided by the local authorities and is very simple, sometimes even very basic. In the best cases, the local gîte is used as accommodation, but most of the time, it is the village school, the municipal stadium, the campsite or a communal plot of land that hosts the workcamp.

We try to give details of the accommodation on each workcamp on our website, however the location is sometimes specified rather late or may change at the last minute.

What do I need to bring to the site?

Indispensable on all sites (unless otherwise indicated): A sleeping bag (warm), your toiletries (towels, shower gel, etc.), work clothes and safety shoes, important also: a hat or cap, sun cream and a swimming costume, warm clothes (sometimes the evenings and nights are very cool!) and rain gear. Why not a torch, a water bottle, a small backpack, some recipes ... and a musical instrument! You will be able to wash your clothes on the spot (at the accommodation, by hand, or in a laundrette if you are near a big city). Also bring some pocket money (see question on pocket money) as well as your papers (identity, social security card and health insurance), but don't bring precious objects. A list of things not to forget will be sent to you after you have registered.

What is included in the civil liability insurance?

Participants are insured against personal injury during the workcamp or during the leisure activities organised by Opus. Visits to the doctor for any other reason are not covered.

Volunteers from the European Community must have the corresponding form.

Can Opus validate an "internship"?

During my school or university course: participation in a work camp can be validated as a practical training course during my school or university course. Please contact us for an agreement.